In Heaven

Grandma has passed on.

My travel agent managed to get me a seat on Tuesday.

It was the earliest flight and somehow Kuching new international airport felt even colder that morning.
On the flight, I reminded myself, throughout the 35 minutes flight, what I told myself the day before; grown man don’t cry. Beside, I can’t remember the last time I did. I was prepared.

The plane touched down at Sibu airport as scheduled. The place is not foreign to me as I seen the place improved over the years and it got bigger
but something never changes.
Once I got outside, I was quickly whizzed away in one of my cousin's 4wd. I was later told Grandma passed away at the old house, it was her wish.

The old house used to be grand place in the olden days but it’s now neglected even though it’s still being occupied.
After I paid my respect to Grandma, I took a walk down memory lane,
visited the place where I used to play, bath and drink
sat on the family’s favorite bench and tried to remember the many things I did and threw down below.

The view of the Rejang river from the balcony is still as magnificant as ever.
And without realizing it, the day went by so quickly with throngs of relatives and friends that came from near and far to pay their last respect.


The next day, at the crack of dawn,a simple ceremony was held at the Church
before everyone

accompany Ah Ma to her final resting place.
And I was wrong earlier as no matter how I prepared or how strong I thought I was, I shed tears on all occasions…

Ah Ma, we know you left us because Jesus love you.You will always be remembered and missed...


Lia said…
My Heartiest Condolence
anser said…
Deepest condolence.
Aridewa said…
My deepest condolences. Al-fateha.
Anonymous said…
dS & dW in unison : condolences to u and family. may she be blessed and happy up there. stay strong bro.
simon said…
my condolences.
smurfette said…
my deepest condolence to you and your family. may ur grandma rip.

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