How to score an ass

I have forgotten about yesterday incident when I received an email this afternoon.

It was from one of my golf kakis and here's an excerpt from the mail:

You wouldn't believe what happened yesterday. I almost killed our Champion Sia in the 5th Hole (Par 5) of Matang! My ball hit him right in the butt whilst he was standing far to the left of me in the fairway, waiting to play his second shot. But that shot has certainly bolstered him to get a birdie in that Hole. Incidentally that was my fourth shot after having found my first tee shot in the pond. Sorry again Sia and congratulations to your well deserved birdie.

Haha... lawyers!!

So remember, in order to get kill in golf or get your ass plugged, try to stand in front or near a golfer who is about to hit their shot.

p/s. I was rather hit behind the hip/waist area and not the butt area as claimed. He couldn't be that accurate to his this asshole! lol


alex said…
Francis, what a lucky shot, right at the spot. Although you didn't strike a hole in one but at least you got an ass hole, just joking.

Better massage it so as to reduce the blue black mark.

Anyway, take great care and have many great days ahead.

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