Played with a Pro.

Tuesday was a public holiday and I had to work. Damn, it was a busy day but my mind was obviously not there after G told me about a professional player joining our afternoon golf game.

After closing up at noon, I rushed to the golf course and I was late. However I managed to catch up with the gang on the second tee box and met Kev the pro. To my surprised he was a small built guy and not as what I have imagined. An American born Chinese, Kev played in American Amateur Golf Tour in his younger years before trying his luck on Japan tours for several years. Struggling on tour is no fun and not a way to make a living he said. He is now making a good living with a salaried job but is thinking of trying for the tour again. Golf tour is in his blood I guess.

We played off the black championship tee box and Kev, considering his height and explicit foul mouth, was amazingly long with his driver. It was rather a relief after he told us that he was rank among the top driving distance when he was touring. Coupled with strong compact irons shots, he made the turn at 35 (-1) with two birds and one bogey. His putting feel is commendable especially when he never played the course before. His home run was however blemished with 3 bogeys after he couldn't recover from a few unavoidable errant drives.

I played reasonably well that day and didn't felt intimidated as I have played with a few golf professional before this. What I noticed from all these outing is that the professional are no different from low handicap amateurs. They are not prefect like what we see on televisions, just that the professionals hit higher percentage of good shots and make less mistakes.

We will be playing again on Friday before he leaves and I am going to beat him this time round. Maybe I should start swearing like him to play well? Hehe..


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