Whoring the Masters

Who will win or screw up in this year golf Masters?

Golf analysis are banking on the big five; Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Vijay Singh, Ernie Els and Retief Goosen. But I will not put my money on any of them. Woods is currently the number one player in the world and the clear cut favorite but I just wish someone else can beat him. No doubt he is the best player now but the game felt a bit like the previous years of F1 race where Michael Schumacher dominated the field.

Ernie Els my personal favorite and idol will not make it either this year. Although his fitness is up to par after his knee surgery last year, his thirst for the green jacket will be his worst enemy. Mentally challenged and will be subjected to his flat stick performance.

Phil coming in with a high from his recent triumph at Bellsouth Classic, will have to be patient at Augusta. If he continues with his fine putting last week, he will be the one to watch and so is with Vijay. Poker face Retief will be even more difficult to predict especially when he is currently struggling with his driver.

So how to pick the winner? Tough decision but my money is on the Spaniard, Miguel and either one of these Australians, Adam Scott or Robert Allenby. May the best putter win.


anser said…
Anyone but TW and LEFTY. btw .. was a disappointed with lefty decision to carry 2 driver in the bag. WTF is that for ??? So desparate to win or don't have the skill to "cuntrol' the flight of the ball ah ?? hahahahah

Would be a dream cum true if TONGCHAI JAIDEEE win :)
Harimau Kayu said…
Tiger to win!

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