I hate tourist

No, I don't hate all tourists. Maybe only on somedays!

Kuching is a hidden tourist's heaven.

The people here are nice, maybe too nice and we are often taken advantage off and not the other way round. It's understandable as we can't blame tourists for being over cautious as it's not a norm that people to be warm and good to them. It can feel to be too good to be true hence many are taken aback or caution when dealing with the local.

Travel magazines and books are no help as most of the information are inaccurate and outdated. For instance, shopping in Kuching, readers are often advice to haggle for price. It depends on what, where and how, not everytime!

Don't people know that there is an art to bargaining without making a fool of themselves? And I do not know where the idea of bargaining down to more than 80% price came from but it's darn insulting to the seller and buyer if they feel it at all.

And whoever wrote or gave that idea should be shot, twice in the butt!!

Sigh, I am too piss to write. Stomping away angrily... brb when I cool off.


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