Dolphins Ahoy

Amazing! There are dolphins found in Sarawak river!!

Its not that I have never seen dolphins before. I have seen them during my numerous oceans fishing trips and in commercialized captivities as well. But dolphins right at my own backyard? It's hard to believe and it made me proud to know that Kuching is still a sanctuary for wildlife albeit it's rapid modernization.

Go read Pesut's website, which I found through KennySia where they went kayaking with Francis.

Dolphins are aquatic mammals, yeah the ones with tits and breast feed. No you perverts, they are not half naked mermaids with succulent firm breasts. Now go wash your face in Salak River. Yes, the species known as Irrawaddy dolphins are found there in Salak River, near Santubong. Beautiful smart creatures, I just hope nobody after reading this, will hunt them down for barbeque or make exotic soups out of them.

Yes, it's an irony that many people that live here, take wildlife conservation and awareness for granted. It will take a lot of effort and most probably it will be too late before we realized it, just like most things in life.

Please help conservation by doing your part.


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