Night outing

Good Friday golf was washout midway as rain came like clock work. Hence an early dinner was planned at BarZing, Travillion.

Although I haven't been out for ages, I heard plenty about Travillion, the latest buzz in Kuching, great food, nice shopping and plenty of gangsterism? The new establishment is getting a bad rap with unpleasant rumors, most probably started by business rivals out of jealousy. Words of caution earlier also add uneasiness before my visit to this so call gray area of Kuching.

When I arrived, the place was quiet and not rowdy as I have imagined. BarZing, like the other businesses there, have modern setup and hip looking place. The surrounding was awfully quite for a public holiday. Maybe the rumors have kept people away or was I too early?

After a few drinks and with things not happening, we adjourned to SoHo. SoHo is located at the front edge of Padungan Road, a stone throw away from Tom's. Now SoHo’s atmosphere was the complete opposite from BarZing, it was already pack when we got there at 10 pm. I was then quickly ushered up to the first floor via a guarded side entrance.

Oh my, an exclusive private club away from the loud music, a bar counter with every drinks imaginable and a huge projector screen showing EPL, now that’s more like my style. The crowd was great and it's a nice comfortable place to socialize, at least from the point of view of this homely not so young 30 something.

A good change from the routine, but there is nothing compare to the comfort of my own home.


Amelia said…
Nice new template!
Thanx for the review...
always wanted to visit Travillion...didn't have time.
Will try to visit on my next trip.

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