Year 2005 in brief

The year is ending, yet again. Some call it the silly season and some simply call it year-end. But to me it is another super fast year gone by.

It is also the time to reflect what I have achieved. Sadly, nothing significant has been done this year and since my life evolves around golf, here is a quick recap. I have gone down from an 11 handicap at the beginning of the year to a single digit player at 7 (6.2 USGA). Not bad considering the amount of money I spent on my golf equipment! A new Titleist driver 905T, a Titleist fairway wood 904f, a Titleist carry bag, a Callaway steelhead III 7 wood and my latest splurge were on an ultra expensive putter, The Scotty Cameron Newport 2005. Ironically, my handicap had gone down even before I bought all the stuff mentioned. *sigh*

Next up, is my financial achievement for the year. Yeah, with all the golf stuff spending? No sweat lah. Just give me a little more time to recuperate before I reached my ten million dollar mark. Should be reachable next year. Yup, that was what I said last year. *double sigh*

On the business front, it is another sustainable year despite the slow down in global economy. Crude oil price soared like rocket and made our stock exchange looked like a deflated condom. Well, that is the only lame excuse that I could think of for our non competitive Malaysia boleh land. There is no use pondering on why our neighbouring countries left us in a pile of dust. What we need is a more fair, efficient and transparent government. Ha! As if my rambling is going to make a difference? I might be over generalizing but at the grass root level please, no more teatime or kopi O break. And if you feel my pinch then its time to change your government servant attitude. Learn to look beyond this box my dear countrymen.

As for my fitness regime, I have achieved my single pack stomach. A squeaky-clean washboard stomach, where one can literally glide on top of it. What? You never seen a round potbelly aka 5 months pregnant look? Hey, you should get out more often or call me for a viewing appointment pronto! Seriously but sadly the gym has become a foreign place due to a few changes in my life timetable. Only last month I discovered that my jogging shoe grew mold in them, maybe I should have taken out the wet socks that I wore last Christmas? Tsk tsk... well, at least I knew I have gain something this year and it is in british pound. 5 huge pound of fat!

With my extra love handle, My love life is stronger by the day and as for my son, he is growing up fast. Too fast in fact and it is scary, as if time flies on turbo mode these days. We are trying very hard to build a better life and a better Malaysia for the next generation. However it is a long bumpy road but we will persevere for little more while, as we beleive there is still hope. After all this is our country, or is it not?

Happy New Year Malaysia and here is to a better 2006.



Tina said…
Wishing you a New Year filled with new hope, new joy and new beginnings. Happy New Year.
Wingz said…
Happy new year to you n your family!
Willwolf said…
Happy Doggy Year Style to you!!
Samm said…
Happy New Year to u n family!!!

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